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Co-Parenting Apps

Free Apps

    • Main Features:
    • Cost: Free with ads.
    • Main Features:
      • Calendar: allows you to use multi-functional calendars that keep co-parents, step-parents, family, and third-parties connected.
      • Messenger: allows you to group chat, communicate with your attorney confidentially, and export communications if necessary. Chats between co-parents cannot be altered or deleted.
      • Requests: allows you to submit requests to the other parent or a third party regarding changing drop off times, reimbursement for medical expenses, etc.
      • Expenses: offers a secure, built-in payment system that allows you to receive and send payments for anything from activities to medical expenses.
    • Cost: Free with ads. 

Paid Apps

    • Main Features:
      • Calendar: allows you to track parenting schedule, share appointment details, and request changes to parenting time.
      • Message board: messages can never be edited, deleted, or retracted.
      • Journal: allows you to record observations and memories to share with co-parent.
      • Expense log: allows you to track shared parenting expenses.
      • Info bank: allows you to store medical histories, insurance information, emergency contacts, school schedules, files, photos, etc.
    • Cost:  Starting at $99/year.
    • Main Features
      • Accountable calling: allows you to use recorded phone calls with transcripts.
      • Messaging: allows you to securely send messages that can’t be altered.
      • Vault File Storage: offers a private, secure storage space for pictures, videos, and files.
      • Calendar: allows you to coordinate events with your co-parent.
    • Cost: Starting at $5.99/month 
    • Main Features:
      • Live mediators: live, on-demand mediators can help solve disputes, and draft agreements
      • Messaging: messages are non-editable, time and date-stamped, and transcripts can be shared.
      • Schedule coordination: allows you to make scheduling requests through the app.
    • Cost: $12.99/month or $119/year 

Resources for Attorneys

Texas Educational Resources

  • Texas State Law Library: offers practitioner-focused resources that give guidance on divorce and child custody matters.
  • Texas Bar CLE: registered users can access special features, including the Texas Family Law Practice Manual as well as articles and presentation materials from CLE events.
  • FindLaw’s Texas Family Laws: provides links to state resources and regularly updated information about topics including marriage, divorce, adoption, child support, and child custody.


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